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Monday, February 18, 2013 |

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As you all know I packed up my bags and headed to Charlotte, NC for the past few days to spend Valentine's Day with my best friend Jamie. I will definitely give you guys a recap of how fun of a weekend we had but first I wanted to let you guys in on a very special service I got the opportunity to go to on Saturday night. If any of you have been to Elevation Church then you know exactly how amazing this church is but if you have not then let me just tell you, it was life changing. You know those sermon's that speak right to you, and you know that God had his hands in making sure you were present for it. Well that is exactly what took place Saturday night at Elevation. 

The best part about this church is that all of their sermon's are available online for you to watch whenever and wherever you want! I urge you all to go to Elevation Church and watch this message.

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