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Monday, December 24, 2012 |

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I can not believe that it is officially Christmas eve! This year has flown by so fast and the fact that tomorrow is Christmas is just blowing me away! I have always loved Christmas because it is one of the few times of the year that my brother's and I actually get to spend time all together. Of course it is my favorite holiday for other reasons, I mean i love any excuse to eat make cookies, decorate my house, get dressed up, open presents and spend time with my family. Now that we are all adults and live in seperate states we don't get to spend as much time together as we used to as kids. We don't even care about opening presents anymore we just enjoy being together. 

This quote is so true because love definitely fills the air on Christmas morning in our house. I love waking up with my family and just spending time talking and laughing and telling stories of when we were kids. I am so amazed and grateful for God's love and protection over my family and feel so blessed to have them safely here with me. Its a special day to celebrate the birth of Jesus and really worship and honor him for all of the wonderful blessings he has brought to my life this year. Each morning i wake up with an open heart ready to worship the Lord and tomorrow will be extra special.

On a side note I saw a few people on instagram the past few days that started doing the 26 acts of kindness and decided to start it for myself. It is a great opportunity for you or your family to go out into the community and help those either in need or less fortunate. It doesn't take much to make someones day better so any little bit counts!

I hope that you all have an amazing Christmas with your family and friends. 

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